ClutchIt: Magnetic Phone Mount | Magnetic Mount | Magnetic Car Mount

Magnetic Phone Mount | Magnetic Mount | Magnetic Car Mount

Introducing the
ClutchIt Signature Series.

Cassidy is a legend in Hip-Hopcircles, and we are proud to announce our first ClutchIt Signature Series promotion. We are honored to have him leading our promotion line-up for 2017. In addition to this all users purchasing with his promotional code receive an additional 5% off.

“When my man first hit me with the text, I wasn’t too sure but after getting it in my hands it’s too much sauce. I had to be the first out with this, because you know you’ll be seeing these dudes in your mall coming soon. You used to have to have a Camera guy to produce a video, but with this all I gotta do is setup the phone, hit the IG live and just spit. FaceTime on the road; recording in the tour bus, boom done. Simple as that, cut the check.”

The applications for ClutchIt are from the booth, to the car, to the gym, to the club. With the increase of live-streaming media, ClutchIt is the mount that moves with you. Go ahead, ClutchIt anywhere. You already heard from Cass, what more you need?