Does ClutchIt work on phones with cases?


  • Just apply the sticky film on the back of your case (it’s very sticky, so place carefully!), but also peels off easily with the help of a little tab on the film.
  • The ClutchIt will then stick to the metal disc on your case, & on whichever other surface you choose to place the accompanying metal disc.
  • Another option, if the case is not very thick, it is possible to put the piece of metal inside the case between the phone & the case! The magnets are usually powerful enough to work through a thin case, preferably plastic.

Is the adhesive film reusable?

The very sticky “sticky film” CAN be used another time on a vertical surface, and couple of times on a flat surface, BUT we don’t recommend it because it loses its power after the first use.

Will the magnet hurt my phone?

No, the magnets are perfectly safe for your phone.

Does the ClutchIt NEED a metal disc to attach to a surface?

Not quite. The ClutchIt will attach to any magnetic metal surface without a disc.
Examples include a car frame, metal tables, & some stove tops!

Where can I store the metal discs when I'm not using them?

The discs will fit conveniently inside the case it’s shipped in, which doubles as a protective carrying case!

How does the ClutchIt stay attached to vertical surfaces without slipping off?

The silicone-rubber surfaces of the ClutchIt give it enough friction to mount to any surface regardless of its angle. Even the heaviest phones won’t make the ClutchIt slip or fall.

Does it matter which side of the ClutchIt I put on the phone?

The ClutchIt is completely reversible, so don’t worry about flipping it around when you move it from place to place!

How is ClutchIt! different than all other magnetic phone holders already available?

All of the magnetic phone holders on the market carry a one-sided magnet, & only one ball joint, so they’re stationary (it makes the BIGGEST difference), & do not have the amount of flexibility as the ClutchIt.
Also, the ClutchIt is made with strong 7075 series aluminum & the highest quality neodymium magnets. The difference from other holders is power!!

Can I install the plates and use the device immediately?

ClutchIt plates use highest quality 3M adhesives for very-high bond. As our videos, and instructional state preparing the surface with alcohol and allowing 12-24 hours to cure without the device on it. This ensures a long and lasting connection for your ClutchIt to latch onto.

Where can I install the ClutchIt?

The metal plates included allow you to either place on a device (thin plates), or to a surface that isn’t already metal (thick plates). We recommend as always a clean, and flat surface.

Is it stable in the car?

ClutchIt uses multiple powerful neodymium magnets in order to securely latch onto the surface. Properly installed the ClutchIt ensures you have a safe and convenient mount.

Why is my item on pre-order?

We are rushing to provide supply to meet the overwhelming demand and support from our Kickstarter. Our manufacturers are producing orders as quickly as possible, and we are airfreighting all orders to Brooklyn for distribution.

Are the plates able to be removed?

Yes, while a very strong adhesive, floss or a flat surface such as a credit card can pry off the plate from surfaces without damage.

Are you guys aware how cool this thing is?

Yeah, we are pretty excited about it ourselves. Just wait until your’s gets there!

I ordered off Kickstarter, but didn't fill out my survey! Help!?

Of course! Just shoot of an email to and we will get your order details and get you some tracking information.

What shipping options do you offer?

We primarily ship via USPS Priority Mail, but also offer FedEx for faster delivery.

How long until I should expect my ClutchIt?

We love spreading the word about ClutchIt and orders are processed daily. Any pre-orders are processed first-come first serve. Please check your email within 6-24 hours for tracking information.

I can't find my Tracking Number!

Please check your spam-inbox on your email client, or feel free to email us with your order number.

How do I install my plates?

Where's my package?

Please check your Spam folder if you haven’t received your tracking number! We send this out with every order.

I think there might be something missing from my package?

Please email immediately with your tracking information!

If I mess up my installation can I get a refund?

Unfortunately not, however we encourage you to get in touch with support, or check one of the sections below to see if either the RMA process is applicable. Failing that we have had a lot of success stories from our DIY user fixes.

Does the magnet hurt my device?

After extensive testing with a multitude of devices, there are no immediate or long-term effects with this amount of gauss (magnetic strength).

I followed the instructions exactly but have an issue with plates?

Please fill out this form so we can get some information if your plates are eligible for return: RMA Form

Are the plates reusable?

No, however there have been several inventive DIY-kickstarter backers who have had great success with utilizing double-sided tape found at most hardware, and auto sections.

How do I get in touch over an issue not listed?

Please email