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The Best Magnetic Phone Mount For Your Car or anywhere else!

Most of us depend on the GPS for navigation while driving the car. Having a the best magnetic phone mount for your car is essential. The mobile phone will be held in place by the car phone holder. It is very important to get a top-rated cell phone holder as we will be driving and do not want to go through the hassle of having to keep adjusting the phone and holder. A good cell phone holder will hold the mobile phone in place at whatever angle it is adjusted by the user. Based on the customer reviews we have researched some of the best car phone holders 2017 on the market.


This universal magnetic phone mount for your car is very sleek, durable and very versatile. The design is really simple and neat. The neodymium magnets keep the mobile phone in place. This car mount is compatible with all Smartphone brands including iPhone. This high quality product is recommended by many consumers.  This also acts as a desk phone holder or can even be used in kitchen. This cell phone holder can be used to hold tablets as well.  The best part of it is that its removable compare to most magnetic mounts out there that are stationary and stuck on upon adhering into position and some just block your vents from A/C or heat in the car.  Hands down the Clutchit is the best magnetic phone mount for your car.

How is it removable you may ask?

The Clutchit utilizes a dual-sided magnet design that is unique to any mount I have ever seen. This is a game changer to the magnetic phone mount that been left stagnant for many years. The Clutchit utilizes metal plates to create mounting points if the surface is not metal already which makes it versatile to use at any place you may think of, such as the Gym, Kitchen, Home, Boat, etc. I can see it use as a hands-free selfie mount to take your selfies at better angles.

Where can I purchase one?

You can purchase one on their website : or on amazon . The MSRP for one is $39.95 which is a fair price for the quality and material it is made of and the versatility that it has for a mount that moves with you.  It is made of aircraft grade aluminum that will last you for a long time making it an easy choice for the best magnetic phone mount for your car.