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ClutchIt: The Best Magnetic Tablet Mount There Is

For tablet users, finding the best tablet holder can be tasking. Tablets are an extension of a person’s smartphone and personal computers combined. The convenience of using tablets can also be felt by the accessory that you use along with it.

In finding an accessory, a user wants to get the best tablet mount there is. And by that, certain specifications are set to get the utmost convenience they are looking for.

Today, everyone has their own smartphones and tablets. These are very useful especially at work, home, lifestyle, and travel. With this, these gadgets are always carried around to connect with anyone at any time.

ClutchIt could be the key to solve the dilemma of seeking the best tablet holder. It offers balance, style, and efficiency and it sets the bar for being the best magnetic tablet mount made available in the market.

What is ClutchIt?

ClutchIt is the answer to any tablet mounting dilemma of a gadget user. It is created with the inspiration from the need of giving drivers the best magnetic tablet mount to help them navigate around the city. ClutchIt eliminates the hassle of accessing the gadget by hand or have something blocking their view.

ClutchIt is a patent-pending, hands-free tablet holder and stand that can attach to any surface with the use of an easy-to-apply adhesive film. It is a friendly tablet accessory that fits every gadget assistance need by the user whether at home, in the car while driving, or in the office.

ClutchIt can be used anywhere. It is detachable and can be mounted on any surface that a user prefers. This feature makes it the best tablet mount and considered to be a world’s first. Its increasing demand in the market today is surprising. By far, it is one of the most efficient tablet holders that is durable and equipped with a magnetic function. It surely provides a hassle-free usage to any gadget owner.

The goal of its creators is to simplify a user’s everyday life, hence, providing them the best magnetic tablet holder. ClutchIt functions steadily in any platforms giving relief to any tablet user.

How Does ClutchIt Work?

ClutchIt is not only trusted with its main function but also with its aesthetics and other product specifications that come with it, hence becoming the best magnetic tablet holder:

Available Colors:

  • Matte Black
  • Space Grey
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Rose Gold

Product Specifications:

  • Compatible with any phone or tablet > 3 lbs.
  • Precision engineered and hand polished aircraft grade aluminum
  • World’s first anywhere universal mount for smartphones and tablets
  • Minimalistic and timeless design
  • Range of motion and pivoting unforeseen in a stagnant magnetic mount industry
  • Works as a standalone mount for Facetime or office/desk use

ClutchIt works conveniently and comes with a minimalist look. It offers a single design and size that utilizes rotating balls for flexibility and gadget rotation. The product mounts anywhere using an adhesive film or the ClutchIt unique magnetic pads.

It is ideal for any driver because ClutchIt does not obstruct views or block the car’s air conditioner vent. It comes minimalist in size too, as it does not have a big and chunky appearance, and can be used anywhere at home or in the office.

Its admirable features and specifications are timeless and unique from any other tablet mounts available in the market today. ClutchIt also works best with any mobile device or smartphones. It is one of the most innovative products that many would find underrated until they have a hold of and utilize it.

To evaluate how ClutchIt works, here are some of the pros and cons the brand and the product is honest about:


·         Mounts to any surface

·         Durable – does not break easily

·         Functional. It can be used anywhere in the car, at home, or in the office.

·         Detachable



·         It needs constant improvement specifically on magnets and plates

·         It comes with a limited design

·         It comes in a single size only

The above-mentioned pros are the brand and product’s promise to its users and potential ones. As the product penetrates the market more, its creators will definitely have some more innovation to offer to the public.

Why ClutchIt Makes the Best Choice?

Users of ClutchIt have pointed out that it gave their tablet a new and great way to be mounted. There’s no more fear that the gadget will accidentally crash or fell off whilst driving or mounted at home. It is also reusable because it can stick anywhere a user would prefer.

ClutchIt does not damage any tablet or gadget attached to it. It works well because the magnets provided are perfectly phone and tablet safe. It does not require any metallic disc to be attached to the user’s chosen surface – car frame, metal tables, and even stove tops.

However, other users are requesting to purchase more magnetic pads to ensure their ClutchIt’s ability to be mounted on their preferred surfaces. This is also for them to be sure about the products adhesive ability and function.

ClutchIt is very flexible and it can function reversely without worrying of too much flipping around when it is being moved from place to place. Users find this magnetic tablet mount adaptable and responsive.

Its product features and specifications is a collection of concept combined into one accessory, thus the key to anyone’s dilemma especially drivers. Such innovation is a good support to the rise of the digital age, answering a user needs to maintain neatness, full functionality, and the ability of not just their tablets but also other gadgets they own.

Conclusion and Recommendation

ClutchIt’s function is outstanding for a tablet mount holder. This innovation is the answer to any user’s dream that will help them through their every tablet experience. This type of accessory is one of a kind because of its flexibility and durability.

ClutchIt offers value for money as it is also a cost-efficient product that can be mounted anywhere at any time. With its increasing demand, it is evident that the product offers a satisfying deal to its user. ClutchIt is recommended to any of those who are struggling with the same dilemma of effectively mounting their tablets without any worries.