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ClutchIt: The Best All-Around Magnetic Phone Mount

ClutchIt is the new phone holder of today’s time! It has taken a modern approach in turning the standard phone holder into a sleek and sexy best magnetic phone mount. ClutchIt is basically what its name implies as it is specially designed to clutch onto any metal surface or any kind of surface given that it has a metal plate pad.

It has a double-sided magnet which is a revolutionary design for a phone mount and holder to avoid any clutter and eliminate unsafe driving through large phone holders that often require two hands to use.

The inspiration for this anywhere phone mount came from its creator’s father, an Uber driver in New York who has voiced the danger of the current phone holders. He has the firsthand experience of the kinds of phone holders that often falls, block the vents, and obstructs the view.

ClutchIt vs. Regular Phone Holders

While phone holders available these days can be convenient, some are often more dangerous rather than helpful. Most regular phone holders are big and clunky and will often require you to use both of your hands when you use it. While that might work when you are not driving, it can be a total inconvenience when you are on the road and driving.

Because of its size, regular phone holders can also bring inconvenience in several ways. For one, its big structure can block the A/C heat of your car. It can also obstruct the view while you are driving which can be very dangerous.

The best phone holder should be strong and very supportive while only taking up minimal space. A phone holder that looks good and chic is also a bonus. These features are what ClutchIt is made of which makes it the best magnetic phone mount ever.

What Is ClutchIt Made to Do?

  • Removable, Detachable

The metallic pads of ClutchIt sticks to whatever and anywhere, powerful but still easy to remove. With ClutchIt, you will always be ready when you need something durable and reliable to mount your phone with.

  • Mountable, Standing, Hold

ClutchIt is a magnetic phone mount but can also stand on its own. Its design also allows you to hold it conveniently with a firm grip.

  • Twistable, Bendable, Turnable

ClutchIt can turn, bend, and twist as you want with its 360 degrees rotation which allows you to bend it at about 100 degrees on all sides.

  • Indestructible

ClutchIt is indestructible and has survived the lethal weapon test done by Dan Bilzerian!

What Makes ClutchIt the Best Phone Mount?

  • Design

ClutchIt is designed with elegance in mind. It has a sexy and sleek design feature that complements well with the sophisticated design of the iPhone. It is made to fit a wide variety of lifestyle and it comes in 5 colors to match whatever you like. The color options is also developed alongside the idea of the new iPhone, so it totally fits with the latest trends.

However, ClutchIt is more than just a magnetic phone mount that looks good. It is also designed with user-friendly features and only the highest quality in mind. ClutchIt might be a little tiny compared to regular phone holders weighing half a pound, but it can securely hold the heaviest phones or even tablets at any given angle.

  • Safety

The level of security that ClutchIt is designed with is unmatched by any regular phone holder you can find. For that reason alone, ClutchIt is considered to be the best phone holder. Using ClutchIt, you no longer have to fumble with your mobile phone or your tablet while on the road.

  • Versatility

ClutchIt is your all-around phone mount, and its infinite versatility makes it one of the best magnetic phone holder in the market today. You can mount ClutchIt to virtually anywhere you want or on any surface whether it is on your car’s dashboard or the desk of your office.

It has heavy-duty magnetic ends, and with its rotating ball joints. You also get the best phone mount that has a solid hold and flexibility that can reach an impressive degree of angle. Its unique magnetic pads and the adhesive film are what makes it ClutchIt possible to stick to any surface. ClutchIt is a personal phone stand by itself, and there is no need for a metal disk!

  • Utility

ClutchIt is the best magnetic phone holder but its function doesn’t stop there. It can be used as a mount for anything that is within its capacity, and that includes a broad range of your personal items.

ClutchIt Specifications

Height3.25 inches
Diameter1.5 inches
Weight5.06 oz.
Body7075 series aluminum – precision engineered and hand polished aircraft grade Aluminum
Other Specifications:Neodymium magnets

Articulating base

Tapered waist

100 degrees of pivoting movements

Acrylic polystyrene case

What’s Included in Package?Metal disks
ColorsMatte Black

Space Grey



Rose Gold

Where Can You Use ClutchIt?

ClutchIt features clear adhesive films which can work on any surface without the sticky residue that can ruin a material. Along with its metal pads that makes any type of surface metallic, ClutchIt is made to be strong to hold any size of smartphones or even tablets that are not more than 3 pounds.

You can now get rid of selfie sticks, ClutchIt is perfect for your hands-free selfies or your live feed on social media.

The possibilities of using ClutchIt is basically endless. It’s not just for your car, but you can also use it anywhere with its hands-free convenience whether you need a phone mount at the office, at the gym, at the bar, or in the kitchen.

ClutchIt is not just for your phone either. You can use it on any metal surface and you can stick anything metallic to it like your keys, lighters, pens, scissors, corkscrews, knives and tools. ClutchIt is the best phone mount that can truly provide endless possibilities. What are you waiting for? Order your own ClutchIt now and experience the convenience that it offers.